Our Roots

Check out below for a short bio on our

Owner and how Wine Fusion Winery was created.

Nicholas Kaufman was raised in Dallas, Texas with his parents and 3 brothers; an older, twin and younger brother. Wine has always been a huge part of his life, as his mother was an avid wine drinker, and a connoisseur. Whether it was sharing stories about wine in new places, and enjoying it with family and friends, or talking about the different regions of wine; the Kaufman family has always been involved with wine.


Things changed when Nick’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, and passed away when he was just 17 years old. A void followed for many years to come. Nick started work straight out of high school, as an overnight stocker at a grocery chain. He started at the bottom and climbed up the ladder up to Store Manager at several locations, including the Kroger in Southlake. Kroger’s wide selection of fine wines helped Nick learn more about wine. 


A spark rekindled from sharing lunches and dinners with wine makers from all around the world. He traveled and trained at wineries across the country to gain industry knowledge and experience. Nick, now a Certified Sommelier, found that having conversations, and teaching others about wine allowed him to feel closer to his mother. This realization inspired him to leave the big grocer to pursue his love of wine, and to open Wine Fusion.


Envisioning a place much like his childhood home, Nick wanted to provide an atmosphere where people could come to relax, learn, laugh, and enjoy the many intricacies of wine. Wine Fusion was created with the idea of merging 2 groups together, the consumers and the daunting wine industry, without the intimidation. Wine Fusion aims to help you shop for wine with ease at the grocery store, wisely pick wines from a daunting menu at restaurants, learn how to dissect confusing wine labels, and identify wines based on taste, smell and sight. Nick teamed up with his lovely wife, Danielle, to create an experience that you will not soon forget. Nick and Danielle love to meet new people and have a passion for sharing their knowledge about wine, they hope to see you soon!